Do you have a favorite yacht broker?

If you are thinking of buying a pre-owned boat for yourself the decision about how to find this boat and how you work with the yacht broker s involved is sometimes a confusing process. Many potential buyers do much of the searching themselves through the internet and, less so than years ago, sometimes still find an interesting boat through print advertising. Buyers sometimes can set themselves up for uncomfortable situations when they contact each broker of every potential boat that they may be interested in. Most brokers will be very happy to show you any boat you may have an interest in through their ability to co-op with other brokers throughout the state and the country. This will save you the trouble of scheduling to see potential boats with multiple brokers and all the complexity of meeting a broker and seeing a boat and then moving on to the next broker and the next boat. This can be very time consuming and confusing. It also does not help the broker do their best job for you. Most brokers would like to see you get the boat that is the best fit for you regardless if it is their company’s listing or another broker’s listing. If you limit the broker to just their one or two listings then they will usually only offer counsel that will encourage you to purchase their listed boat. However, if you find a broker you like and let him know that you would like to work with him as your “buyer’s broker “ then they can look beyond their in house listings and find you the best boat for your purpose and budget within any distance you are willing to travel. If you do find a broker that has demonstrated their knowledge and desire to help you and you decide that you would like their help to find and purchase a boat, please make sure that if you contact another broker, that you mention early in the conversation that you are working with another broker as your buying broker. This way the listing broker will be aware of your intentions right up front and there will be no misunderstandings and conflicts between the brokers involved. I am sure you can understand that a broker that has worked with you for awhile would be disappointed if you found another boat to buy at the last minute without involving them. Also the unsuspecting broker that answers your call or e-mail inquiry and works hard to follow up with information only to find out later that you will be making an offer on their listing through another broker that they were unaware of would be upsetting to that broker and to his company. Here in California, the brokerages are, for the most part, members of the California Yacht Brokers Association and as such enjoy a high level of expected ethics between themselves and promote the business enhancing opportunity to be cooperative with each other. Cooperative agreements between California brokerages are simple to initiate and very common. They make for a very comfortable and professional working environment for the brokers and a pleasant experience for boat owners and buyers. When you find a broker that you like and works hard for you, please give them your loyalty and everyone will enjoy the experience of finding and buying that dreamboat.