Do Less, More

We are about a month or so into the New Year and I am sure by this time most of us have given up on all those New Year’s resolutions we made with great conviction and determination to do in the coming year. Lose weight, work more, make more money, do this, do that. Perhaps it is because I am sailing back from Catalina after a few days of relaxation, sun and fair winds that I am proposing that you join me in a new resolution for 2010. Do Less. This is a good year to spend less and worry less. I also advocate doing more of those rare times we do less. This year do less, more. We all love boating and make a living helping others enjoy the boating lifestyle, and for some reason we never spend much time boating ourselves, at least, not as much as we should. Sea trials aside, let’s resolve to get out on the water and relax. If you have a boat or need to borrow a boat, or join a friend on their boat, take the time off to get out there. Recharge your batteries and relax. You will reacquaint yourself with the reason we love this business and are so good at helping others find their piece of paradise out on the water. You will add to your sea stories and have new tales to tell your clients. Need to combine a little work along the way? No problem, cell phones, e-fax and laptops keep you connected to the potential big deal. And don’t be shy to join your boat owners for a day sail, a trip to Catalina or short delivery. What about the upcoming rendezvous or later this year the Jazz Festival and Buccaneer days. Add some romance in your life and have an adventure. Go Sailing, fishing, racing, bay cruising or just slip sailing with a cocktail and some friends. It’s all good, and it’s important this year to find the balance in yourself physically, financially and mentally. Remember, we all know that our cell phone rings every time we are maneuvering a boat in a tight fairway or just about to cast off, so my plan for increasing the number of client calls I get is to spend as much time on a boat as I can this year and keep myself busy doing less more.
It has been a pleasure serving as the CYBA President this past year and I look forward to continuing on as one of the Past Presidents and Chairman for some of our important Committees.
Good luck to you all this year and I will see you at the boat shows, on the docks and out on the water.